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The rapid development of communication technologies currently transforming many processes in the modern society. Is not accept and business scope.The Internet as the most accessible and convenient global system of exchange local business seo packages of information between users is not only It has proved its viability, but also begins to displace other ways and channels of communication that is due to the lower cost services, higher data rate, a wider range represented and transmitted information. At the present stage of development of market relations the special role assigned the task of improving the innovation component business activities of enterprises to improve business efficiency. The emergence of a global computer network marked by the emergence of new communication media and the market with many potential customers owning rather high income. E-commerce in general and the Internet Marketing in particular today perform communication functions and provide the possibility of concluding transactions, purchases and perform make payments. In this segment of online marketing and advertising increases in the consumer sector, as evidenced by the appearance of an everyday new online stores, and on the B2B business market business). Key concepts: e-business e-business), E commerce, e-commerce model: 

Use of the main information resources of the company

Business-to- Business he company- company; Business-to-Consumer he company- the consumer); Consumer-to Consumer "Consumer- the consumer; Consumer-to-Business "Customer- the company; Business-to-Government he company State; Exchange-to-Exchange ?change- Exchange The emergence of the new e-economy was the result of a breakthrough in telecommunications and data processing systems. Now, as a private individuals and companies throughout the world are connected to each other through electronic channels, and this leads to a change in business principles, to change the basic characteristics of the business of business: 1. Processing and exchange of information have become more powerful and effective means of conducting business than the movement of physical goods. Cost of companies are not its tangible assets is determined to a greater extent Buildings, equipment), and intangible assets such as people, ideas, technology and strategy of association and the use of the main information resources of the company. 

The distances disappear. Anyone can instantly contact your customer anywhere in the world. Now the whole world is becoming potential customer. Before you open a huge business capability. 3. Interactivity becomes the most important factor for success, and seo services packages it leads significant changes in the business. Advantages of business given to those who can respond quickly to changes in the market and to adapt in real time. 4. The most important factor in the development of the new economy becomes intellectual capital. Big profits bring original ideas, technology and business models. 5. Communication via simple network, and information about the new product It spreads instantly.7 6. Increased market value. It varies exponentially with growth in market share. For products that help create a model standard network effect is even more pronounced. That more he used, the more important it becomes. In it there is a fundamental difference from the usual economy in which the value of the product is higher, the greater its scarcity. 7. Average mediator replaces the information intermediary Infomediaries).

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 It is necessary With the growth of data volumes infomediaries able to process the data stream into useful information.8. New opportunities for all stakeholders With the advent seo packages prices of the Web economy. Now just go to compare prices on goods and services Network and, without leaving the office, receive the necessary information and choose the most attractive offer. 9. Information Product or component services is becoming most of their cost, and information easier to personalize than product. Therefore, it becomes easier for manufacturers to personalize product so that it best meets the needs of a particular seo packages prices client. 10. Reduce the distance between the desire to buy a product, and the most buying. Internet- only a single tool organization information space, but it was he allowed to enter a new round business development. 

On the one hand, the Internet has provided producers access to the largest possible audience of consumers with there a variety of preferences, but on the other- gave customers the opportunity to electronic interface to enter their own orders in well-adjusted production management system. In connection with the Russian transition to a market economy organization fundamentally changed external conditions of each activity enterprise. The market economy is becoming more flexible, responsive and At the same time global, covering all areas of the globe. Consequently, access to markets in developing real-time and It is expanding from a single cyberspace.